Finding a house or apartment in the perfect location is key to a good start for your new life in Paris. SEQUI will accompany you in the following manner:

Before you arrive

  • Identify your ideal area according to your family’s needs (school, work, transportation, extracurricular activities, entertainment, etc).
  • Communication and enrollment assistance for your child’s school.
  • Moving arrangements.
  • Apartment/house visits with real estate companies, and administrative work required for the rental or purchase of the property.
  • Utilities setup: gas, electricity, internet, alarm system, etc.
  • Arrange necessary house work: kitchen installation, purchasing appliances, etc.
  • Administrative procedures: bank accounts, transportation card, school enrollments and beyond.
  • Identify your pet moving requirements, such as vaccines.

Once in France

  • Suggestions for nearby activities such as: gyms, playgrounds, shopping centers, restaurants, concert halls, movie theatres, etc.
  • Suggestions for French lessons if you would like to learn or improve your French.
  • Hiring baby sitters services or daycare.
  • Handyman services for decorative, electrical or plumbing installations.
  • Pet services.

For any other services feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.